Tiffany Moore returns to NANNcast for another research series episode! Tiffany, Jill Beck, Dr. Jenene Craig, and Dr. Sue Hall come together on this episode to explore how interdisciplinary research teams function in the NICU. They share their approach to gathering a multidisciplinary team, setting goals for each discipline, and working together to achieve the desired outcomes and provide the best care. 

Nearly all newborns run the risk of respiratory difficulties at birth. Premature babies often experience breathing problems due to underdeveloped lungs. Collaboration with respiratory therapists in the NICU is key for mitigating respiratory challenges. Respiratory therapists support many NICU operations, such as resuscitating in the delivery room or training nurses on proper ET tube placement. Hear NANNcast host Jill Beck and respiratory therapist Kim Ghebleh discuss how neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists can collaborate to improve patient outcomes in the NICU. 

How can NICU nurses provide developmentally appropriate sensory exposures and better understand  how factors such as the environment, medical conditions, and interventions on brain structure affect infants’ long-term outcomes? NANNcast host Jill Beck is joined by Sue Ludwig, neonatal therapist and founder of the National Association of Neonatal Therapists to discuss how NICU nurses and neonatal therapists can collaborate to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes. Keep an eye out for Sue Ludwig's book, Tiny Humans, Big Lessons: How the NICU Taught Me to Live with Energy, Intention, and Purpose, coming March 2022! 

NANNcast host Jill Beck is thrilled to welcome NANN’s Annual Conference Committee Chair, Rebecca Buchholz and Chair-Elect, Kristin Howard to NANNcast! They’ll share all the details about the fabulous lineup of education, late-breaking sessions and networking experiences in store for all attendees and NANN Fans next month at the annual conference, September 13-15, 2021. Get all the must-attend and don’t-miss details right here, straight from the leaders who have planned what’s sure to be NANN’s most informative and exciting event yet!

August 9, 2021

Human Milk

All NICU nurses understand the importance of human milk for vulnerable neonates. How do we support NICU families and mitigate the challenges associated with increasing rates of human milk in the COVID era? To discuss these issues, Jill Beck is joined by Dr. Diane Spatz, a leading nurse scientist in human milk. Dr. Spatz is an internationally recognized lactation professor, researcher, and clinician, and has developed a 10-step model for human milk and breastfeeding, which has been implemented in NICUs worldwide. Tune in to hear the 10-step model, as well as the latest expert guidance on breastfeeding in a pandemic, disparities in access to human milk, and the future of lactation education.

May 17, 2021

NEC Prevention

On this episode of NANNcast, Jill is joined by Sheila Gephart, a nurse scientist, Advances in Neonatal Care editorial board member, and associate professor at the University of Arizona. Sheila worked with babies diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) as a bedside nurse. This experience led to her fascination and dedication to NEC research and prevention. Listen in to hear about Sheila’s research, GutCheck NEC, and how nurses can help prevent NEC. Please note: NANNcast strives to produce the highest quality recording to ensure a positive experience for all listeners. We apologize for the background static from minute 1:45 – 6:09.


Check out NEC-Zero and GutCheck NEC at

On this episode of Nurse Scientists, Jill, Media, and Tiffany are joined by Amy D’Agata and Stephanie Abbu to discuss NANN's Research Summit! NANN's Research Summit, sponsored by Mead Johnson Nutrition, is an opportunity for neonatal nurses of all backgrounds to showcase their research, network, receive mentoring, and be supported by a community of passionate nurse scientists. Amy and Stephanie walk through their experiences at the summit and what participation has meant to them. Jill, Media, Tiffany, Amy, and Stephanie hope that listeners will be motivated to start their research journey and inspired to participate in the 2022 Research Summit. All you need is one burning question to get started!

Learn more about NANN's Research Summit at

Jill Beck is joined by Gail Bagwell, NANN President and editor of NANN’s Newborn Safe Sleep Guideline, to discuss safe sleep. Jill and Gail start by clarifying the difference between sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) before diving into the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations for safe sleep. NICU nurses are instrumental in role modeling and educating parents on safe sleep. Listen in to learn how you can advocate for safe sleep environments in the hospital and after discharge.

Check out NANN’s Newborn Safe Sleep Guideline on, the only clinical practice guideline that addresses the challenges of implementing safe sleep practices in the hospital setting, and includes recommendations on how to do so effectively for children 1-month and 1-year of age.

Nurses are known to be compassionate, caring, and committed to their patients. These same nurses can sometimes be harsh and uncaring toward their colleagues. In this episode, Jill and Beth Bolick address incivility and bullying in the NICU. Beth, Professor at Rush University Medical Center College of Nursing, is a national speaker on the topic of bullying and incivility. There are a variety of ways incivility and bullying seep into the NICU - from gossip, teasing, eye-rolling, withholding business information, to even physical altercations. Beth and Jill dive into how bullying goes beyond the dyad of just two colleagues and impacts your entire unit and even direct patient care. Listen in to learn more about how to create a unit that is more civil and welcoming to colleagues and patient families alike. 

Visit for some of the free resources Beth discusses. 

In this installment of Nurse Scientists, Jill, Media, and Tiffany speak with Leslie Parker on the vital role of bedside nurses in areas of research. Leslie is chair of NANN’s Research Institute Steering Council (RISC), a NNP at UF Health, and an assistant professor at the College of Nursing and College of Medicine at the University of Florida. Together Jill, Media, Tiffany, and Leslie dive into how integral bedside nurses are to neonatal research and driving change within the profession. Listeners will learn more about the importance of starting research, the resources NANN has to help, and the inspiring research Leslie is conducting. 

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